Peppermint pears, chocolate sauce ans muffin

Lobster salad and bisque vinaigrette

Ris de veau :

Sweetbreads, green asparagus, big shrimps 

and Cognac sauce

Medallion breaded chicken, asparagus and mushrooms

Lobster tail "à la provençale"

A private dining with a french chef in your kitchen ?...

It is possible ! 

Crêpe Suzette : 

​Orange and Grand Marnier sauce

Raspberry sablé

The Patio 

A party ?... Need appetizers ?... 

The floor

Special request ...

Chocolate mouss and raspberry cake

Lemon pie in a glass

Special request : The " Steak Tartare "

Romantic ...

You are guest ... Think about our sweetness box ! 

Roasted monkfish and spices

Smoked Scottisk salmon on toast,

white cheese with chives and shallot

Rack of lamb and Pesto sauce 

Branzino, mussels and clams with safran sauce

Voilà !

French Bistro

Lobster ravioli, zucchini and cream bisque sauce

A french cuisine lesson at home ?....

​It is possible !

Bone marrow and Guérande salt

3 salmons ...

Cooked, smoked and tartare

3 sauces...

Parsley, chives and tarragon

3 mini-desserts: 

Crème brûlée, chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream

Branzino cooks in papillote

Special request ...

A baby shower : it is a boy ! 

A private party or special event...? 

Let us provide you with a personal french chef, attention and service !  

Just ask us...

Mussels "marinières"

Lobster tabbouleh and lobster vinegar

Jumbo shrimp, smoked duck breast

and safran sauce

Bouillabaisse from Marseille

Monk, Scottish salmon, Scallops, Branzino, Shrimps, Mussels

Rouille sauce and garlic toasts

Sea choucroute

An " amuse bouche " ?...