Appetizers et Hors d'oeuvre

Soupe et Salades

Salade d’asperges $10

Salade d’asperges


Mix salad, green asparagus, tomatoes and red onions

Salade Provençale $12, (Add anchovies: $3)

Salade Provençale

$12, (Add anchovies: $3)

Artichoke, Black Niçoise olives, tomatoes & olives tapenade over mix salad

Salade aux lardons $13

Salade aux lardons


Bacon, croutons, poached egg over mix salad

Salade de crabe $13

Salade de crabe


Real meat crab, cucumber, tomatoes over mix salad & Espelette pepper from Pays Basque

Salade du Chef $14

Salade du Chef


Bacon, baby potatoes, hard boiled egg, crouton, sour cream over mix salad

Salade de chèvre $12

Salade de chèvre


Warm Goat cheese, crouton over mix salad, tomatoes red onion

Salade Niçoise $12, (Add anchovies : $3)

Salade Niçoise

$12, (Add anchovies : $3)

Tuna, tomatoes, red onion, Black Niçoise olives, hard boiled egg & mix salad


La Quiche Lorraine $12

La Quiche Lorraine


Quiche with bacon, onions and cheese

La Quiche aux Champignons $11

La Quiche aux Champignons


Quiche with mushrooms, parsley & garlic

La Quiche au Saumon $13

La Quiche au Saumon


Quiche with Scottish salmon and spinach

La Pissaladière $13, add anchovies $3

La Pissaladière

$13, add anchovies $3

Onions tart, and Niçoise olives with mix salad

La Bouchée à la Reine $15

La Bouchée à la Reine


Chicken, mushrooms, béchamel sauce in puff pastry and cheese

Le Croque Monsieur $13, (*Madame extra $2)

Le Croque Monsieur

$13, (*Madame extra $2)

Sandwich with ham, Swiss cheese, béchamel sauce

Le Steak-frites $17

Le Steak-frites


6oz steak served with French fries

Le Steak Tartare $29

Le Steak Tartare


6oz steak tartare served with French fries


La Crème brûlée $9

La Crème brûlée


Crème brûlée with Madagascar vanilla beans

L’Île flottante $9

L’Île flottante


Vanilla cream, beaten egg white & caramelized sauce

“La tarte citron” by chef Jean-Christophe $10

“La tarte citron” by chef Jean-Christophe


Lemon mouss with caramelized almond biscuit and meringue

Dame blanche


Vanilla bean ice cream, topped with a chocolate sauce & whipped c ream

Choux au chocolat $12

Choux au chocolat


Chocolate cream puff

La Profiterole $13

La Profiterole


Profiteroles stuffed with vanilla bean ice cream, topped with a chocolate sauce

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